Dreaming of Tbilisi University

Tamar Zurashvili is a 63-year-old native of the Georgian Republic, who has lived in New York for three months. She writes, “My country is famous for its art, songs, and dances. Nature is marvelous, with high mountains, rivers, resorts. I love my country, and I love the United States, too.” she is a student of … Continue reading Dreaming of Tbilisi University

Thirty-Five Seconds That Changed My Life

Réginald louis-Jacques, age 37, has lived in new York for 10 months. “I’m married to Regine Coppee, and we have a son, Mathys Reginald. Back in Haiti I was an electronic and network computer engineer.” Betsy Kissam is his ESOL teacher at the College of Mount St. Vincent’s institute for immigrant Concerns, where Donna Kelsh … Continue reading Thirty-Five Seconds That Changed My Life